Perth > City West

Test route level:  Hard

Assessors:  Hard

Address: Corner Troode Street and Plaistowe Mews CITY WEST, WEST PERTH WA 6005

City West is the hardest of all the test routes with a very high fail rate. The route has lots of merges and lane changes. It takes you through Northbridge, City West and Leederville. These areas are always heavy with traffic and require plenty of signalling and blind spot checks (the assessors use the term “Head Checks”) We recommend you drive this route repeatedly and get comfortable with it before your test. At present there are multiple road works projects going on making road conditions changeable and unpredictable.

Test Route Map

Test Route Map 01 Test Route Map 02
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    Is this the whole City West route? I thought they could go further? I know someone who went on the Freeway from City West during their test …

    • Correct, this is a whole area where the instructors usually take their students for their driving tests. There is also a small possibility that the instuctors can take you further than the marked areas, but it is realy unlikely – since you are limited on the time during the test.

      I have also heard stories of students being taken onto the freeways during their test, but it is very very unlikely that you will be asked to go on freeway. Even if you do so, don’t be scarred and stick to the speed limit (preferebly in the most left-lane) to demonstate the instructor you can handle the car.

      PS: Don’t be too stressed about being asked to go on a freeway as it very very unlikely. Also if you do not feel confident about freeways or CBD areas, maybe try booking a driving test in some other Licensing Centers where there are no freeways around (such as Willagee – http://drivinganswers.com/project/willagee/ ).

      I hope this helps!
      If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

      • Name

        Thank you so much!

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