Perth > Cannington

Test route level:  Easy

Assessors:  Medium

Address: Corner Albany Highway and William Road, CANNINGTON WA

Easy test route, be mindful of speed limits and train tracks and look both ways when crossing (more information on the test route map).

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  • Tendai TeeKay Kufa

    where abouts do i find the test route for Cannington??

    • DrivingAnswers.com

      Just above the comments section! ^^

  • Chris

    WOULD be great but the links to the test route maps don’t work.

  • Yatanar Kyaw

    You are awesome! But your website have a lot of broken links and some problem. I am a blogger and also a person who is trying to take driving test in Perth!

    • Will sort out the links ASAP, thanks for letting us know 😉

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