Steering Lock

  • Luc Smitt

    Why should this be a fail item though? Surely, they would just give the terribly nervous driver a hand and unlock the wheel. This is why assessors have a bad reputation.

    • They fail students on this, because if students can’t unlock a steering wheel they shouldn’t be driving. good luck with your test matey 🙂

      • luc

        I agree its a simple thing to fix, but Ive been driving many years and never locked the wheel, further it was never discussed as a possibility with me during my training and i was never taught how to fix it. Its not like assessors are assessing people out of the kindness of their hearts, each test costs 70 dollars and can take 2+ weeks to book. Id be pretty ticked if the guy just stopped the test and essentially eviscerated 70 dollars. The only situation you’d ever see a lock like that is in park, so its not really a part of your ‘driving’ capabilities. At worst its bad vehicle management. The fact that this is a fail item and there are few assessors who would actually look over it and it provide a bit of help is why Perth has a 60% overall fail rate. If you look at the recent 7News video and read some peoples horror stories with assessors, you learn pretty quickly its the assessor that depends upon your pass, not your driving skill. This site providing a star rating for how “easy or hard” the assessors are are further proof. If the system was fair, there’d be no star rating, the pass fail rate would be virtually consistent amongst the centres and you wouldnt have people failing for things like “running over palastic bags” , “using handbrake start on hill when not instructed to do so’. Sorry but the Perth system at least is broken.

        • How ya going matey

          I think your getting way to emotional over a test you’ve already passed. If you go shopping or go to work and you accidentally lock your steering wheel in a parked position, are you saying you’d need to call AA to unlock your own steering rack??

          Also if you where a Professional Driving Assessor, and your student didnt know how to unlock a steering wheel would you feel safe driving through city with parents pushing their little ones around in prams??

    • That’s basic stuff your instructor should be teaching you. good luck with your test matey

  • All this stuff is easy, it just comes down to Practice and knowledge of the vehicle. Where does confidence come from?? How well you know your subject.

    If I asked you to do a test on your favourite sport or favourite subject do you think you would PASS:-) Practice and Knowledge = Confidence

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