Reverse Parking – Quick Version

  • Sabinne Barquett

    I couldn’t find the theory one 🙁

    • I still need to upload a the reverse theory video, but Just listen very carefully to what I’m saying in the other reverse Videos there is enough information on there for you to pass> good luck 🙂

  • Luc Smitt

    In my PDA, they forced me to pick a space next to another vehicle. I didn’t have a choice. I think this is common practice amongst all the DVS centres

    • This is correct, the assessor may pick any parking spot they want, and you will have to obey them and park in the following bay (otherwise the marks will be deducted).

    • How ya going my man<

      Yes they sometimes ask you to park where they want you to , it comes down to practice 🙂 CONFIDENCE comes from how well do you know your subject, if you havn't practiced it will show in your test.

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