Leaving hand on the gear stick

  • Sabinne Barquett

    The gap between the first and second is very short. Is it OK to leave the hands on the gear in this case? Thank you

    • By the rules you are required to have your hands on the wheel at all times. Leaving your hand on the gear-stick will make the instructor to take away points from you, which might lead to a fail.

      Tip: try accelerating slowly, which will leave plenty of time for you to put the hand back on the wheel and then after a while put the hand back on the gear-stick to change the gear into second.

    • Hey how ya going 🙂

      Nope your not allowed to leave your hand on the the gear stick at all during your test, regardless how short the length is in changing gear. I find it sometimes funny that students tend to test this fact after I’ve told them NOT to 🙂 good Luck 🙂

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